Thailand! A cooks dream!


Thailand is the perfect country for the food lover or aspiring chef. On every street corner, you’ll find a stall selling a tasty snack or full blown meal.

Whether banana encased in crispy batter, bbq pork belly or a classic Pad Thai there is always a new smell and taste to excite the senses! Being a lover for everything food related I was in heaven! In this first post on Thailand, I’ll give a brief insight on a Thai market and after that the dishes that we created at Trichada’s cooking course. If you’re in Chiang Mai or plan to go and you want to cook authentic Thai dishes then this is the perfect course! Oui our teacher, chef, market guide and translator was the perfect mentor. With her friendly advice and her sound knowledge of Thai cuisine I learnt a great deal in just a few hours. Thanks alot Oui!




This market we visited was outside Chiang Mai in a small village. It sold real Thai ingredients to Thais. In other words, the perfect place to explore! The market housed an abundance of chilies, dried and fresh, sweet smelling spices ranging from cinnamon, star anise and cloves to a wide selection of peppers, cumin, coriander seeds and so much more!

Fruits and veg filled the stalls, most of which I had never seen before. Multi-coloured aubergines, flat, coral like mushrooms and various leafy greens, cucumbers and corns were pilled high. My brain was fizzing with questions and racing with ideas. All of a sudden Oui starts shoving various herbs in my face, sweet basil, holy basil, coriander root and pannam leaves and i’m off on a sweetly scented journey!

After calming myself down, we continued to the meat section to find entire chickens cut open and everything displayed from head to toe. Apparently Thai’s like to see the whole bird to check its freshness and quality, makes sense I suppose! The buckets of swimming catfish caught my eye next, as they splashed around for space. You really can’t get any fresher!

After all this excitement, I just wanted to cook! We started leaving, and then I spotted some frogs! I inquired whether they were for sale, but unfortunately had already found a buyer! So you see, frogs aren’t only a French delicacy!

Coming soon, pad Thai, stir fried chicken and cashew nut, Masaman curry and Thai custard!

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