Proper tasty bacon, mushroom and cheese melt!


This snack is the perfect hangover cure. It’s simple to wack up even with a pounding head. Don’t forget to turn on some tunes! Maybe something chilled is the order of the day!


why not give this a go while you cook!

Makes 1 tasty sarnie!


• 4 rashers of bacon
• Handful of button mushrooms
• 25 grams strong cheddar cheese
• Mayo
• Garlic
• Thyme
• Baguette



Turn on your grill, slice the baguette in halve and heat it up. If you love garlic, take a bulb, cut in halve and spread it on the baguette to give an extra garlicky kick. Chop your mushrooms into quarters. Fry in some oil and butter. If you can, get your hands on the best, chunkiest smoked bacon you can buy and fry till crispy on both sides. Unfortunately, living in Germany makes this a lot harder, so I had to make do with mediocre streaky bacon! Whilst everything is frying away nicely and the smell is wafting around the kitchen, chop up the garlic. Once the mushrooms are golden brown, throw in the garlic and thyme.

Now layer the bad boy up! First, spread on some mayo! Top with the herby mushrooms, crispy bacon and finely with the grated cheddar. Grill the little beauty until the cheese starts to bubble! Oh man, if that doesn’t sort out even the worst of hangovers, then you must have drunk a lot! To change it up, replace the mushrooms with thickly sliced beef tomatoes or experiment with tuna and mozzarella; that makes an awesome melt! Let me know your ideas for melts, I’d love to hear them!

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